In just one hour you will hand over the keys to the new owner of your great-grandfather’s estate home. It is a bittersweet day because you enjoyed the memories of your great-grandfather, but you are happy to leave there because your great-grandmother left him in a scandal. One day, your great-grandfather came home to a note from her that read “My dearest Love, if you’re reading this, then I’m afraid I must say goodbye.” As you are saying your last goodbye to your great-grandfather’s study, you come across another part to this poignant letter and realize that there’s much more to the story.  Longing for answers, you begin to search the study looking for missing pieces to the letter. Time is running out. Will you get your answers before the new owners arrive?

Room Attributes

This room is for 2 to 8 people. 

  • Scavenger Hunting 90% 90%
  • Puzzles 75% 75%
  • Team Work 80% 80%

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Escape Adventures at the Community Playhosue

220 N Main Street, Chiefland, FL

We are located inside the Community Playhouse

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We are located in the Chiefland Shopping Center near the Gathering Table Restaurant

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