Meet John, John Snooper, a fresh graduate of the Corona Falls School of Sleuths. Detective Snooper, or Snoops for short, has the hat, the coat, the magnifying glass, and he’s ready to tackle the P.I. world.

There’s only one thing he doesn’t have…..a case.

And on cue, the phone rings. A lovely lass named Hope is in need of Snoops’ expertise.
A meeting within the hour is quickly set up and to ensure privacy, Hope emails the address of a secret location that can only be found through this email.

Ready to get down to business, Snoops sits down at his computer, rolls up his sleeves, and….immediately realizes he has forgotten his password. After 15 unsuccessful attempts, Snoops comes to the conclusion that he needs help. Your help.

You have just one hour to help Snoop recover the password and be the hero of this detective story.

Fail, and all Hope is lost.

Room Difficulty

Room Attributes

This room is for 2 to 6 people. 

  • Scavenger Hunting 75% 75%
  • Puzzles 60% 60%
  • Team Work 89% 89%

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