You and your group are members of the local escape detectives. A team of sleuths investigating past and present mysteries.

Currently your team is engrossed in the case of Dracula’s Demise. A profound mystery of murder. Intrigue, betrayal and forbidden love.

Only a few details are known about that fateful evening.

One, there was a grand party in the castle that evening. And two, the death occurred either in the dressing area of Lady Lucinda, or Count Dracula. Many sleuths have tried to solve this mystery, but all have failed.

Will your team of sleuths slay this mystery?

Room Attributes

This room is for 2 to 16 people. 

  • Scavenger Hunting 60% 60%
  • Puzzles 75% 75%
  • Team Work 100% 100%

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Escape Adventures at the Community Playhosue

220 N Main Street, Chiefland, FL

We are located inside the Community Playhouse

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We are located in the Chiefland Shopping Center near the Gathering Table Restaurant

Venue Hours

Thursday 12:30 pm – 8 pm
Friday 5 pm – 11 pm
Saturday 5 pm – 11 pm

Specific days/times/rooms are available.
Call to book 352-221-4761