It has been 10 years since Coraline was freed from Maggie’s torment.

Within those 10 years, Coraline blossomed into a beautiful young lady full of laughter, love, and light. Over the years her memories slowly faded until eventually Cora forgot all about her time spent in Dolly’s closet, she even forgot Maggie. Until her 13th birthday, when she received a beautiful, raven-haired doll. In an instant she was flooded with memories of her time in Dolly’s Closet, and of Maggie.

Her dreams turned into dark, tormented nightmares. Nightmares that she never woke from.

Time passed and Coraline, growing tired of being the tormented, found life was so much easier if she joined forces with Maggie. Together, they were a brutal pair, wreaking extreme anguish and distress upon the other dolls. Coraline was Maggie’s new best friend. No doll was safe from this vicious and evil friendship.

Knowing that dispelling the darkness was the only way to free, Coraline, and divide the disastrous duo, the dolls devised a plan to deliver Coraline from herself.

With only a small window of time, to enact their plan, the dolls need your help to save themselves, and once again, to free Coraline.

Discover the dolls’ plan and execute it. You have just one hour.

(To provide the best game experience for you, those in your party, and other customers in active game play, our policy is that we only allow bookings of children 5 years of age or older. Please contact us with any requests or questions.)

Room Difficulty

Room Attributes

This room is for 2 to 8 people.
60-minute room

  • Scavenger Hunting 40% 40%
  • Puzzles 60% 60%
  • Team Work 70% 70%

Just $15 per person!

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