You are a renowned jewel thief who has just been unknowingly invited to the most elite masquerade gala ever. You are delighted to accept the invitation as your host is none other than Hope Watson, the owner of the infamous diamond studded key pendent worth over two million dollars. This will be your biggest heist to date, and you will need some help to pull off this caper.

You order a crack-shot team from the Thieves-R-Us website and begin to set your plan in motion. You find an inside person to add your team to the guest list. Everything is going according to plan UNTIL you see HIS name on the guest list: Snooper, John Snooper. The famous detective.

Now it is a race against time. Will you and your team be discovered by the master detective or will you escape with the infamous key? Your goal: To get you and your team safely from the Masquerade party with the key in your hand.

Note: This game is partially played in complete darkness and for the integrity of the game we cannot accommodate gameplay with additional light. See waiver for full details.

Room Attributes

This room is for 2 to 8 people.
60-minute room

  • Scavenger Hunting 80% 80%
  • Puzzles 20% 20%
  • Team Work 70% 70%

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